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As you may know, there are many iterations of this report as a new report is produced every four years.  Over the years, One Region has done its best to be consistent with the indicators and data to allow for an “apples to apples” assessment of progression, status quo, or regression on the various indicators.

Together we have made progress within each indicator, yet it is evident that our region has opportunities that need to be addressed in a focused and collective manner. In the 2016 report, you’ll see the use of the terms “Needs Improvement” or “Improving” to assess the direction of our region: Lake, Porter, and La Porte counties. Each chapter provides a success story from a local organization, an aspiration statement determined by the Research Committee, data and analysis, and regional action measures providing thoughts around action that could lead toward improvements.

It is the hope of One Region that this report provides value regionally to stimulate conversations, bring awareness to ongoing or new issues, and above all else to bring forth action to move the needle forward.

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